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Our fence installation system eliminates the need for digging post holes and does not require labor intensive work or renting heavy equipment. The system is designed for all types of fencing including wood split rail fences, wood post fences, vinyl fences, metal fences, and more.


Our patented bolt together T-Post corner fence bracing system results in professional quality wire fencing with quick installation and secure structure. This system can be adapted to all terrain types.

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Do-it-yourself custom fencing is possible with us! Watch our instructional videos to learn how our systems work.


“I used Fence Easier’s system to install a split rail cedar fence around my backyard. With the help of their instructional videos, myself, my husband, and a couple friends were able to build the fence quickly with no prior experience. Wood posts and steel T-posts were delivered to our door. With the help of some rented tools, we had the fence up within a few hours.”

— Kat R.

“I am 70 years old and never thought I could build a fence myself. Previously I hired a contractor for my other fence costing $8,000 labor plus another $1,000 for a tractor with an auger and 3 weeks to build. With Fence Easier I finished in 4 days and it looks better than the other one. Ray explained step by step how to go about it. I highly recommend Fence Easier, especially if you live on rocky ground like I have.”

— Tom M.

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