You want a fence?

We Can Help!          


  You Want To Build A Fence But Don't   Know Where To Start.     

  We Will Show You How.

  We Supply You With The Parts and   Instruction You Need To Build Your Fence.     

  We Are Your Supply Outlet For The Easiest   And Most User Friendly Fence System You   Will Find Anywhere!

The Do It Yourself Headquarters For Simple, Easy, Economical Fence Construction.

Fences don't have to be so much work or take so much time!

Fence Easier is a family owned business and has been building fences for over 50 years. 

Building a fence has always been hard work.  Digging the holes for the posts required is hard work at best.  Many people purchase or rent power digging equipment which is expensive and still very time consuming with considerable hand work cleaning the hole and refilling the hole correctly after the post is in.  

Yes, You Can Install a Fence on Your Own!

FENCE EASIER developed and patented bolt together designs so YOU can build your own fence easily. You simply need only a handfull of tools to built your own fence today! We will provide step-by-step instructions assisting you in laying out and building your own Do It Yourself fence.  Our rule of life is ....... 

Work Smarter, Spend more time at BBQs!

You want a fence, we can help with the best fence installation designs and a dedication to our customers that is unmatched by our competitors. You can build your own quality fence to be proud of.


Fence Easier is your solution, and technical support for special situations or first-time fence builders is only a phone call or email away.

Fencing is not require it be extremely hard work or that it be complex.  You can enjoy the project and have considerable pride that you built it yourself.

FENCE EASIER is designed and delivered to you by a fencing contractor - so you don't need to hire one.

Company Founder, Ray Lyons

Fencing is what we do, however, local housing and sanitation in rural communities

is what we are all about.  The Lyons family founded this non-profit and donates their time, skills, and resources to bringing housing to Park County people who are about to lose everything.

Their only options left are or homeless and on the streets!

Significant amounts of the proceeds from this business go into building homes for Veterans, Elderly, Disabled, and Single Parent families that are facing Homelessness without our intervention.  -  Pastor Ray Lyons

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